1. dxcrime avatar

    On Nov 17, dxcrime said:


  2. Lady Decadence avatar

    On Oct 26, Lady Decadence said:

    Hi, thanks for the friend request. Where are you from? I'm guessing Russia or Poland maybe?

  3. Silly Goose avatar

    On Oct 21, Silly Goose said:

    Thanks for the add, hows you? XD

  4. YoungDrummer avatar

    On Aug 24, YoungDrummer said:

    he mogno podymat' chto c vladivostoka mogno....da v prolete mi...kapec....

  5. YoungDrummer avatar

    On Aug 23, YoungDrummer said:

    zdorovo)))znachit tebe toge bilo obidno kogda papiki v mockvy priezgali?))

  6. Angel*From*Down*Under avatar

    On Jul 18, Angel*From*Down*Under said:

    hey welcome2theriot

  7. YoungDrummer avatar

    On Jul 10, YoungDrummer said:

    voobche ya iz vladivostoka, no seichas ya v sochi)))a ti otkyda>kak dela y tebya kstati?)))

  8. YoungDrummer avatar

    On Jul 09, YoungDrummer said:

    Privet)))kak dela?)))

  9. Busta avatar

    On Jul 08, Busta said:

    very cool. and thanks very much! do you have any?

  10. Busta avatar

    On Jul 08, Busta said:

    heyy what's going on? :)

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