1. xXxProfoundedxXx avatar

    On Jun 23, xXxProfoundedxXx said:

    No matter what
    I got your back
    I'll take a bullet for you if it comes to that
    I swear to god
    That in the bitter end
    We're gonna be the last ones standing

    Papa Roach - "No Matter What"

  2. Chels.10 avatar

    On Jun 04, Chels.10 said:

    'and these scars remind us that the past is real' - papa roach, scars
    also.. 'can't you help me as i'm starting to burn (all alone) to many doses and i'm starting to get an attraction. my confidence is leaving me on my own (all alone) no-one can save me and you know i dont want the attention' - avenged sevenfold, bat country

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