concert houses/all age clubs being shut down in Spokane, WA

Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 1:43 PM By: CrueRoachExplosive

I've only been to a few big shows up here in Spokane because many of the bands play at bars or where you have to be 18 or 21 to get in. But, there is an all ages club called The Cretin Hop that was a perfect place for new bands to play and for kids to hang out. Until they had a private party and someone brought alcohol ( they don't have a liquor license). Now they have enforced a rule that you have to be 17 to get into the Cretin Hop without a parent. This is also becoming a rule for other all age places like The Blvd and The Empyrean. It's outrageous that we cant have one place where kids can go, listen to music, and hang out without our parents having to be there.

  1. CHUCK!3 B@B!3 avatar

    On Nov 22, CHUCK!3 B@B!3 said:

    hi wats up

  2. Kel {Chaotic Lover} avatar

    On May 07, Kel {Chaotic Lover} said:

    you are really luckyyou had a place for all ages. we never have around where i live. but that really sucks.

  3. BLAZ3QRZM avatar

    On Feb 20, BLAZ3QRZM said:

    that is a bunch of crap...there is too many laws and rules its becoming a boring world >:(

  4. brokenhome avatar

    On Jan 05, brokenhome said:

    Aww That blows ..i hated when i had to pay a miners fee to get into you most of the shows are all ages but like 19 and below somtimes have to pay a miners fee

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