What should i get.................

Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 1:30 PM By: *~*EmoFever*~*

Im asking my friends, What kind of tattoo or percieng should i get, i already have a butterfly on my back,and i have my nose peirced.

  1. *~*EmoFever*~* avatar

    On Mar 20, *~*EmoFever*~* said:

    Lol, i might get that too. lol. Yea i knoow what u mean. lol. :)

  2. Mrs. Gates avatar

    On Mar 20, Mrs. Gates said:

    Lip Piercing All The Way!! And Maybe, The Same Tattoo That Jacoby Have On His Hand... A Little Skull... U Know What I Mean?

  3. *~*EmoFever*~* avatar

    On Mar 20, *~*EmoFever*~* said:

    Hahaha, kool i might get that. lol.

  4. dont add deleting everything off this account it wont let me del avatar
  5. quip4life avatar

    On Mar 18, quip4life said:

    idk im getin my dads name across my back u should get somethin inportent to u lol for ur tatto

  6. gloriagolgotha avatar

    On Mar 02, gloriagolgotha said:

    "PartyFever" posted that last comment from my profile. haha XD

  7. gloriagolgotha avatar

    On Mar 02, gloriagolgotha said:

    Hahaha, well ill think about that. I may not get that, sorry. lol.

  8. Harbinger avatar

    On Feb 26, Harbinger said:

    Metallica logo on your belly xD

  9. *~*EmoFever*~* avatar

    On Feb 22, *~*EmoFever*~* said:

    Hahaha, i will maybe...............
    What about tattoos??

  10. PINK_ADDICT1 avatar

    On Feb 21, PINK_ADDICT1 said:

    yah get a lip ring they are awesome

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