Thu, May 13, 2010 at 2:17 PM By: *~*EmoFever*~*

Emo doesnt mean u cutt. Emo doesnt mean ur gay, bi. Emo doesnt mean u r suicidal. Emo is real! Emo is people. Emo is everything! Emo is a label. Emo is being free! Free to be whoever you r! Free to express urself! Free to tell ppl to F*** OFF. ( i mean u stupid preps!!) Emo is just a word. -EMOS/SCENES- Emo ppl are no cry babies! Emo ppl dont always wear black! Emo ppl, cane be nice! Emo ppl dont always cut themselves! Emo ppl, are not always depressed! Emo ppl can be outgoing, happy, cheerful! Emo ppl, are normal too....

if my Emo or scene friends like, put it on ur profile!!

  1. new born vampire avatar

    On May 17, new born vampire said:

    well see im not a big fan of emos either but i dont go around judging people about being emo. everyone has thir own life style but noone should judge the for that . i think if everyone would just leave everyone eles alone about there life style then it would be all fine an dandy it is just so retarted i mean really just get over it. but at least you are not like all the other people who call themselfs emo who cut all the time so good for you just for that you have my respect just keepit up and dont turn the other way k.

  2. *~*EmoFever*~* avatar

    On May 15, *~*EmoFever*~* said:

    well it is. -Monte's Attic

    haha, very funny, some of my other friends LOVE papa roach, and they r emo/scene. :P -Casey loves Ke$sha

    well, maybe not everyone, but my friends and i do, at skool a lot, so we r always sticking up for each other all the time!!! -Forever Emo

    Kool. -Jay C

    Lol, i know! i liked it, so i made a blog about it!!! :P :P :P -xXEmo Lover 1300Xx

    Okay, but yea i am not a big fan of preps!! -smoooshie17

  3. new born vampire avatar

    On May 14, new born vampire said:

    okay emos could be what you say they are but you dont know what a prep is okay cuz everyone has there own lable of what an emo or a prep is to them and yes i consider myself a prep but probebly dont how you would classify someone as a prep. so ya and i dont hate people who (say they are emo) but ya so if you dont like people classifing you as a emo the way they see it dont classify other people as preps because the way u see it.

  4. xXfallenangel13Xx avatar

    On May 14, xXfallenangel13Xx said:

    woohoo its spreading muahahahahaha!!!!!
    jk jk
    but i started this just for credit xD

  5. *#JC@& avatar

    On May 14, *#JC@& said:

    Yeah my sister said that the 1 in my pic she even made a story, tht she fell in love with a emo.

    It's pretty good actually!!!!

  6. 4eVeR eMo avatar

    On May 13, 4eVeR eMo said:

    that prittty cool cuz EMO ppl r cool lol and doz eny 1 get juged bi being emo

  7. tmntcasey avatar

    On May 13, tmntcasey said:

    An EMO Papa Roach fan! Now that's something you don't see everyday!

  8. Monte's Attic avatar

    On May 13, Monte's Attic said:

    MY 15 year old daughter says the same thing about EMO as you do. I would like to think that all people that say they are EMO feel the same way but thats not so. I like your out look on the EMO lifestyle at least it's positive good for you.

    YOU ROCK!!!

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