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Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 7:01 PM By: Vicki Jewells

Yeah I know it would have been easier to just delete and block the shitheads from my email. But With making a new one I'm only gonna add people I actually enjoy talking to and have some trust ground with, I'm still gonna add ppl to my bleeding hearts email, then eventually add them to my new one. I'm not gona post the name of that one, it's like a secret ;o. everyone loves secrets xD, well that they eventually find out. Give an add and we'll chat 'er up :) I'm on a search for some new friends, i haven't made any new ones in a while ;o (

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    On Aug 10, Vicki Jewells said:

    Thanks ur pic is nice aswell !

  2. flyinbrian avatar

    On Aug 09, flyinbrian said:

    well that's the best way to go make second e-mail so you won't be bothered by the freaks and geeks lol take care

  3. Jacobyshaddixlvr4568 avatar

    On Aug 09, Jacobyshaddixlvr4568 said:

    I love your profile pic!

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