life was easier when buys had cooties.

Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 8:13 AM By: Vicki Jewells

Yeah, I'm blogging. I'm suppost to be outside right now, but I'm not. 'Cause his friends showed up and I'm just an option when they're involved. oh no can't disappoint them, they're important. I know that since this situation happens in the first place, I shouldn't be dealing with him but. Each time this happens he hangs out with my for three or four days straight, well I'm not sayin only four days. but four days minimal, then we still chill and stuff, and he goes with his friends and I go with mine. Ohh yeah I forgot to mention, that his friends really don't like me and he doesn't like really hanging with my friends so theres the problem why it's so separated.
Don't take it as he doesn't try to see me though, he does try. We live on opposite side of town and neither one can drive. and his parents are lazy as hell and don't like driving him. It's summer and it's too warm to walk. It sounds like excuses i know but , we're in nova scotia, we function better when it's cold n_n. well thats it really for now.

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    On Aug 11, Aya said:

    Boys are a strange invention... :s
    I still don't get them either ^^'
    I suppose that's just something you have to learn and deal with, because he does need time with his friends as well. But being "just an option" is very rude, I'm sorry for you รถ I hope that he someday sees that you're the one, awesome, right girl and his friends just have to deal with the fact he spends time with you.

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    On Aug 11, Vicki Jewells said:

    I ment boys in the title thing (y)

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