1. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Aug 18, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    haha sorry took me forever just checked the blog comments for the concert show! yeah we were at the front! we asked him lol i didnt have a heart to bother him while he was fishing! we got there at 9 before ontario place even opened it was a crazy show! awesome... totally see me again lol i seem to be everywhere!

  2. Jacoby_Rocks77 avatar

    On Aug 18, Jacoby_Rocks77 said:

    Well the rail is the only spot I want to be at!! And yep, just left of center between Jacoby and Jerry or Chad and Ryan! HAHA Their energy is so contagious it's incredible. I too wish I had discovered them for myself earlier, but hey now we can see them as often as we can and catch up! Oh and I hardly ever turn the radio on either I'm always listening to my cds.

  3. Torontofan avatar

    On Aug 15, Torontofan said:

    On the rail,just to the left of center stage.Days later I'm still talking about Papa Roach,love their energy,love the tunes!!Best 40 minutes I spent that day!

  4. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Aug 14, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    hey welcome to the site im glad you had a good time! which side were you at for the show?

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