1. rren avatar

    On Apr 18, rren said:

    Hey :-)

  2. Frankitaah avatar

    On Apr 14, Frankitaah said:

    I'm going, too lazy to show up here rs,
    I do not speak English, so sometimes I want to go without the translator online XD

  3. DoRaiMeiKiss avatar

    On Apr 11, DoRaiMeiKiss said:

    and because he visiting his family in alabama i get to see him tomorrow today is my last day of spring break :D

  4. Monte's Attic avatar

    On Apr 08, Monte's Attic said:

    Yea I was hit with a few bottles and some idiot tossed a garbage can during the Framming Hanley show. I am in Atlanta

  5. DoRaiMeiKiss avatar

    On Apr 08, DoRaiMeiKiss said:

    im on spring break i guess everyone else is back in school...? awww i cant see my bf yet have to wait after spring break. im on myfconline lol being bored and nothing to do listening to music..

  6. Frankitaah avatar

    On Apr 05, Frankitaah said:

    And are well with you?

  7. DoRaiMeiKiss avatar

    On Apr 05, DoRaiMeiKiss said:

    np whats up?

  8. Monte's Attic avatar

    On Apr 04, Monte's Attic said:

    Ok cool I was the old guy having way too much fun.Were you close enough to get wet when Jacoby through the cooler of water on the crowd I was pelted with ice and soaked my camera. You need to make it to the Columbia show.

  9. DoRaiMeiKiss avatar

    On Apr 01, DoRaiMeiKiss said:

    like your pic...

  10. Frankitaah avatar

    On Apr 01, Frankitaah said:

    Hi :)

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