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About Zara

I'm 16 years old girl from Finland. I speak Finnish,English,little bit of Swedish and I'm studying German. Papa Roach has been one of my fav bands about 3 years. I have see them live once in Taste Of Chaos tour. It was awesome!!
I love listening to music, actually I listen music almost all of the time. It cheers me up when I'm having bad times and makes good times even better. I like animals(and I've the craziest and cutest cat in the world:D),tattoos(I'll get one right away when I'm 18!),chocolate(who doesn't?),Converses,concerts...
But I hate Justin Bieber! And pizza:D It just tastes awful...
And u can add me friend if u want:)

Some bands that I like:
Papa Roach!
Billy Talent
Three Days Grace
Rise Against
Smile Empty Soul
Disco Ensemble
Panic! At The Disco
Brand New
The Ghost of a Thousand
After Midnight Project
Hurt (and I don't mean Hurts :D)

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