Curse you web design!!

Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 11:59 AM By: joeythemetalhead

Well I have a website I have to design and put together for my web authoring class. Fun in the sense like jumping off a cliff is fun until you realise that you are in a world of hurt when you hit the ground! So, fun at first not fun now. I use software called dreamweaver which is making it easier to do thank feck for that! But what really annoys me about it, is the fact that it is even on the damn course in the first place?!?! People came to do this course to stuff related to radio and film making, not to make bloody websites!! I mean if I wanted to do that I would've done a course that relates to that!! I have a great teacher though so not all bad, but damn I just can't wait to get this damn thing done. I now have a new found respect for those people that make sites for a living. I envy you and also pity you for having choosen this path in life!!

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