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hi my name's maya i'm from valdivia in southern chile i'm 15 years old:)
WAKE ME UP !!! I LIVE IN A NIGHTMARE!!! (time of dying, 3dg)
i love singing and screaming while i'm playing guitar with loud music in my room xD yeah, i know i'm a NERD, but the real me is a rockstar
i don't drink coffee coz i don't sleep in 36 hour and i become hyperactive and that's not very healthy for a teenager like me:P
i dance hip hop but i do it bad :D
favourite groups: paramore, fall out boy, avenged sevenfold, sick puppies, rise against, gufi, green day, RATM, the ramones, sum 41, and three days grace :P
i speak spanish, english and german( i go to a german school)
my friends are just motherfucker but i still love them :)
i will be a (punk)rockstar one day, and all the people that didn't believe in me will be cleaning public toilets xP hahahha!
sometimes i'm retarded, or maybe my brain doesn't work
probably i have dyslexia... to write this correctly i had to rewrite every word every 3 seconds... it's frustrating
and the only thing i want is papa roach in chile the great bands sometimes forget there's something under northamerica :/

i miss jimmy sullivan, i miss FOB, i miss josh and zac farro from paramore... can somebody take me back to the good old times...?

*viva la cucaracha*

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