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Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 2:24 PM By: rren

I appreciate friendship. It's one of the most important things in my life. I love to meet new people. I love chat with foreign people. And here I met many amazing people. I can say that I found 11 good friends here. Maybe it sounds funny, but I love them. I don't know or they consider me their friend, but it's no matter.. I love our chats. I appreciate our friendship.

With love

EDIT: One person was interested who are these people, so I made a list. Maybe it's interesting not only for one person. I wrote only screen names: sorrow, Johnny Guitar Creeps, whezze007, cukier721, roaCHevelle luvr, Incognito, retarded_dinosaur, your best friend, Autopsy Cadaverum, dark_zehner, Red Delicious.
I also feel sympathy for themudsharkinterview, Aima, B - Jewce, Kobis, Valeria rock 4ever, To raise the level….=), K.I.P.

sorrow, tu vienas is mano mylimiausiu virtualiu draugu! Labai vertinu tavo draugyste, ilgai jau bendraujame, gaila, kad niekaip neiseina susimatyti realiame gyvenime, bet tikiu, kad dar turesim proga. :} Buckis! ;*

Johnny Guitar Creeps, I miss you so much! Please come back! You’re one of those persons who are very important for me. You was first person with whom I have started to commune here. And your comments were and always will be the most interesting. You’re one of my best virtual friends. I miss our chats. I miss you. I love you. *kiss*

whezze007, you’re very important person for me. I very appreciate our communication. I’m glad that you like me too. You’re one of those some persons with whom I often chat here. You’re so good friend. I love you. *kiss*

cukier721, I very like to commune with you. It's sad that now I haven’t much free time, but I promise I will write for you. You’re so sweet person, I believe that some day we will meet in real life. *kiss*

Incognito, ooo, su tavim visada labai linksma susirasineti! Gaila, dabar nelabai turiu tam laiko, bet mes tikrai atgaivinsim musu susirasinejima! ;} Esi labai idomi asmenybe, noreciau kada nors gyvenime susitikti realiame gyvenime. O gal net gi kada kartu keliausim i P-Roach’u koncerta! ;} Buckis!

dark_zehner, you’re one of my best friends here. You’re so sweet person and I very like to commune with you. Your comments always make smile in my face. Thanks for everything! *kiss*

your best friend, at first you seem for me strange person, but later you showed me who are you. You’re nice and interesting person. But it's sad you disappeared from this site. I miss our chats. Please come back! *kiss*

retarded_dinosaur, I just want to say you’re so sweet person. I want to say that I appreciate your friendship. I very like to chat with you! *kiss*

roaCHevelle luvr, I like you. I appreciate your friendship. You’re nice person. *kiss*

Red Delicious, I want to say that I like you. I like your comments. It’s always interesting to commune with you. You’re good friend. *kiss*

Autopsy Cadaverum, I like you and our chats. You’re sweet person. *kiss*

Valeria rock 4ever, You're affectionate person. We commune not long, but I think later we will be good friends, right? I like to chat with you. *kiss*

To raise the level….=), hey, I remember when we imagined that some day we will work in the same bank. Hehe. I like you. *kiss*

Aima, bralis, hehe. :} It's sad that we don't commune anymore. But I remember our interesting chats. *kiss*

Kobis, another bralis from Latvia. I very liked our communication. Always it was fun to chat with you. Your comments always were very interesting. I want to renew our communication. *kiss*

themudsharkinterview, you seem for me very intelligent person. I didn't forget that you had been helping for me with English. And you was one of first people with whom I have started to commune here. *kiss*

K.I.P, earlier we had been chating and I liked it. You're interesting person, I like your company. I want to renew our friendship. *kiss*

B - Jewce, you're nice and intelligent person. I like to commune with you. You're important for me. *kiss*

  1. meister avatar

    On Nov 27, meister said:

    what a opinion of the people and destined for a meet & greet at yous...

  2. Barrett avatar

    On Nov 24, Barrett said:

    Awhh, thank you. I also consider you a good friend on here and I enjoy talking to you.

  3. retarded_dinosaur avatar

    On Nov 24, retarded_dinosaur said:

    I consider you a good friend as well and I enjoy talking to you.

  4. rren avatar

    On Nov 06, rren said:

    I edited a little bit my list.

    Also I want to say I miss some people who don't visit this site anymore. :(

  5. Incognito avatar

    On Jun 20, Incognito said:

    It's so nice to see my name up there :D Thanks for being my friend :D I appreciate that ;]

  6. sorrow avatar

    On Jun 18, sorrow said:

    you say you love me but you forgot me! :(

  7. dark_zehner avatar

    On Jun 17, dark_zehner said:

    whoop whoop thank you my friend :)))) i like you too xD

  8. cukier721 avatar

    On Jun 13, cukier721 said:

    Thanks:) I keep my fingers crossed for your tomorrow's English exam!!! :)

  9. chica.cucaracha avatar

    On Jun 12, chica.cucaracha said:

    oh, im included, its an honor for me,
    you are definitely my friend Renn, coz we talk pretty much alot
    and you are a nice person, so its cool to be friends with you..

  10. your best friend avatar

    On Jun 12, your best friend said:

    I'm glad you take account of my opinion .)
    Thanks darling!

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