goo goo dolls

Thu, May 6, 2010 at 12:09 PM By: *L@cE[y]*

sooo i saw the goo goo dolls last night in evansville! yea i know right greattt way to celebrate cinco de mayo =]=].

GGD's were pretty fantastic LIVE. it was a great show i had a blast! i took a few pics but the lighting was so horrible at the venue that...well my pics pretty much SUCK :p.

the opening band was 'the rocket summer'...i never really heard of them...but ehhhh they weren't bad! plus the lead singer totally busted out the moon walk on stage so i give him 2 tumbs up...haha.

the GGD's played alot of their new songs....they have a new album coming out soon. but i was a little surprised cause their bassist Robby Takac did most of the vocals...i was like NONONO.

they also played pretty much all their old stuff too xD

john rzeznik is freakin goregous in person tooo! and he sounded amazing live...vocals sounded great!

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