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Thu, May 27, 2010 at 1:11 PM By: *L@cE[y]*

so this past weekend.....was pretty much the greatest weekend of my life!!! i got to see papa roach two days in a row, met up with some crazy,funny, awesome roach girls that i've met on here and on twitter.

friday night i went to the PR show in evansville, which is only an hour drive for me. then we met up with devan, dray, gina and rachel at the show....these crazy girls traveled from south carolina to evansville indiana xD. we had a blast waiting in line and just chattin it up...mostly about PR and A7X.

we all had VIP....which we were waitin to go in for....it took forever. They were having a few problems with the sound system, so sadly we didn't get to see the guys do sound check. instead they took us to this back room to listen to a couple of the new songs. it was great.

the show itself was insane....the venue was well umm a circus tent...but we were talking to one of the security guards before the show and he said PR were the ones that wanted the tent set up....so really the guys were thinkin of us fans...cause it was suppose to rain [which it did while we were waiting in line....but i made some rad PR umberallas]. during PR's performance the crowd was pretty crazy...everyone seemed to be reallly into them...which i was happy about. the sound was still a little off....it was hard to hear jacoby at times. the set list was fantastic.....they played 'kick in the teeth' it's a GREAT song to see live....so altogether i got to listen to 3 new songs ;).

after they played their last song.....the crowd was going CRAZY LOUD!!! you could tell that the guys were touched by this. Jacoby just kept lookin to the crowd and putting his fist to his heart and sayin thank you.....it almost seemed like he was getting teary eyed [which i know other roaches noticed this to].

after the show me kelli devan dray gina and rachel headed striaght to columbus ohio for ROTR. It was a veryyyy exhausting trip....but totally worth it. All the roach girls got in line together...which we were in the front thanks to devan and rachel for going straight to the venue. we all rocked our 'roach on the range' shirts. It was pretty amazing getting to stand with all the 'PR crackheads' during the set. knowing the people around you care and love the guys...as much as you do is a fucking great feeling.

all of us girls survived the front of the pit.....although we were crushed the entire time lol. i wish PR would of had a longer set...but you take what you get. i swear the guys rocked the fucking crowd SO HARD...the were on top of their game...i think it was my best show yet.

ROTR was absolutely fantastic.....getting to rock out all day and night for 2 straight days...it's what i live for! Every band i seen there fucking rocked. I was excited to finally get to see BFMV and rise against!

after the shows on sunday all the roach girls went back to our hotel room and just hung out til like 4:30am. it truely was a great experience getting to meet/see everyone....
beth, yoyo, ashlee, amy, vixyn, mannie and her friend, devan, dray, gina, rachelx2 and diana. i think i listed everyone.

like i said best weekend of my life x X

  1. BethyFBD avatar

    On Jun 14, BethyFBD said:

    btw RF.

  2. dianam avatar

    On May 27, dianam said:

    and yes we should meet up at another PRoach show for sure.

  3. dianam avatar

    On May 27, dianam said:

    I had a lot of fun meet you and all the other Roaches that day. I had lots of fun with yall in line and the show was amazing even with all those crowd suffers.

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