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Sun, May 15, 2011 at 3:35 PM By: nikki78_proach

so my life is a little insane right now. Went to the Papa Roach concert this last tuesday which was absolutely the best night of my entire life! then the next day my boyfriend breaks up with me. so right now im just trying to keep my head up and listening to proach to get me through each day. i couldnt live without their music. and besides that...Jacoby is HOT!!!!!!!

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    On May 15, Katniss1987 said:

    Sorry to hear about you other half! I won’t bombard you with quotations and sayings but I will say this there is someone out there for everyone... As for life being insane that’s not such a bad thing makes life worth living because when you are done with the hard roads and reach the smooth ones they feel all the more worth it.

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