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hi ppl, real name is victor, i live in california some of my favorite bands are rise against, three days grace, linkin park, Hollywood Undead, and of corse my favorite band since i was 12 PAPA ROACH. A little about me, i work at a grocery store called vons, i like to get out as much as possible, love to try new things, im straight, and to kinda describe my personailty, is well im outgoing depending on my mood, and i sometimes tend to get cocky and arrogant, when i know im right about something or just trying to be a dick lol but im not like that all the time. Im also that friend that likes to help his friends closes to him, even if it gets in the way of my advancement in life cause im a problem solver and like to fix things with friends or help them out if they are in a bad situation but im not a bitch about it and dont let myself get taken advantaged of. I like to ocasionally drink, but mainly beer, not a fan of hard liquor and im a causal smoker. i dont do drugs or any of that shit.
ONe thing that i absolute hate is when people talk about how they hate their life and how crap it is online, when they are talking about little things , your life isnt that bad it could be worse at least you have a computer to use and a place to live, it could be worst, there are way more people that have it worst. Be greatfull for what you have, and instead of having a negative outlook at life just be happy your alive and look at thing positvely.

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