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About Deaths Angel

My name Chelsey Thompson
I have blond hair that is really short, I eyes that go from black to chocolate brown, I'm 5'3ish
I dont have many friends and the ones i have are bachstabers or just need to be in a mental hospital, now i have one who is always there 4 me.
I get grounded alot
I am not afriad to do anything i have never felt guilt, as long as I know we won't get caught, I'm an adrilian junky.
The best way to get to know me is by tlking to me on this website, facebook, or by texting me.
I hate being the leader. I hate having to make important choices so therefor im the one in the back trying not to laugh at the retards making fools of them selves, which they do ALOT.
Life is but a gam, we can't control the future. All we can do is load the dice and roll, that is my moto. I understand that there are things we need to stay away from but what the hay go fo what ever you want just dont expect me to help you out when you fall on your ass!!!!!
Also I'm totally in love with Sweeny Todd the Demon Barber on Fleet Street. I am totally demented!!!!!
P.S. not sure if you noticed but im a bitch ^^

i have an aim its so add me if you want, but I wouldn't I never get on.

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