Mon, May 3, 2010 at 2:31 PM By: Deaths Angel

I know I promised almost 7 ppl that I would NOT go back to doing a bad habit that I was really bad at. This habit was cutting, but now IDK I've gotten worse my life was going back to being good but now it's like I'm back in hell!!!! So I'm sorry to whoever I promised not to cut, but i give up.

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    On May 09, Deaths Angel said:

    Ya ya i know, I won't, plus you didn't know, James isn't coming back. Lol so ya I'm not with, but I have a major crush on a guy named Daniel and he told me that he didn't like me cutting cuz actually I was hurting him more since he can't protect me. So I won't no more!!!

  2. new born vampire avatar

    On May 07, new born vampire said:

    you do that again i will personaly find you and kill you lol. no just think about all the good times in your life k hun it will be okay i will help you throu it i promise

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    On May 05, Deaths Angel said:

    Ya i know i have some pretty bad scares.

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    On May 04, *~*EmoFever*~* said:

    Im glad ur trying to stop!! it is really bad!! believe me!!

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    On May 04, Deaths Angel said:

    lol thank you. i finailly have a motive to stop so hopefully i wont do it again. my motive is pretty good ^_^

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    On May 03, PapaRoachluvr4life said:

    Hun, I was the same way, it took me a long time to ignore the craving to do so, I was able to scare myself away from it- although I may want to sometimes the thought of hitting a vein and bleeding to death scares the shot out of me so bad I don't even touch the knife. I know life gets good then bad it's what's happening to me but remember the darkest hour never comes in the night, and when the darkest hour comes right afterwards is when the light comes to stay, and in the end everything works out and if life isn't getting better then it's not the end yet :) I hope I helped somewhat and even tho you don't know me personally if you ever need someone to talk to to get it all out I'm here! And the only reason why I wasn't shy about telling you is one, you blogged about it and two you probably won't judge me. Remember I'll be here for you!!! I promise ;)

  7. WhatSeparatesMeFromYou(:-Mrs.WilliamsB¡tches!!:D avatar

    omg,this sounds just like my friend laura!!,it's hard ta deal wit,but after time that temptation goes away....don't worry,everythig will be ohkay:),just try ta think happy thoughts....that's wat always helps me:)

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