Tue, May 11, 2010 at 8:15 PM By: Deaths Angel

Ok I like this Hippie guy, I met him a month ago. The only problem is he's 18 and well the only way, if he wnated the same thing, is if I had perantal consint to date him. Well I'm not going to ask my mom to date an 18 year old, but now my sister, who can con my mom into doing anything, is saying that me and him could hang out. Well I'm a teenager and so is he, I think there would be a different kinda haning out going on ;). I talked to him 'bout it and well he likes the idea of either being friends or getting eclusive.

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    On May 14, Deaths Angel said:

    it dont matter i guess for now hes just my "friend" who is fun to tlk to. Savannha was looking through my phone in ag and she saw some pics

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    On May 14, new born vampire said:

    lol okay well ya idont know then

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    On May 12, Deaths Angel said:

    but see when my mom met him the past like 7 times she loved him lol, hes such a sweet heart

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    On May 12, new born vampire said:

    ya i wouldnt i really dont think your mom wold like that lol

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