Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 11:08 AM By: shychild8

(this song goes to prfan012, it's just lyrics now, but promise me ur never try 2 kill urself again)
i'm sorry i led you on, i made ur hopes seem true. i'm sorry i had to do this to you. i had to let you go, i had to move on. things wasn't what i wanted them to be. i really sorry that your life isn't what you want, but you have to remember that we all make our choices, follow our own path. you were just mislead in to darkness and hate. i'm sorry i had to let you go. i never met to give the world and take it away. i'm sorry that i lead you wrong. i'm sorry that your feelings were so strong. you just have to keep moving along no matter what happen. keep moving along, no matter what happens. i'm sorry, i'm sorry i gave you false hope, i'm sorry that your life got all mess up. i'm sorry for everything, maybe things will turn out better. maybe it wasn't our time. i'm sorry, i'm sorry, there's nothing i can do, i'm never coming back to you. i'm sorry that it has to be this way. i'm sorry all for all i did. i'm sorry that i ever got you into this mess. you shouldn't be so crazy, you should dive yourself to edge, there's still time left. i'm sorry that your mine isn't strong enough to keep you in tack. i'm sorry, i'm sorry. now just wake up, i'm sorry it's my fault. i'm sorry that i drove you to the edge. but there's one thing i'm not sorry for, is that i let you go when to be free and love me, but you made me realize that i can do anything, with or with out you. you finally set me free, to be me. i'm sorry it had to be. (sorry kkay please forgive me)

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    On Mar 15, prfan012 said:

    i do forgive you. i never should have gotten myself into the trouble i did! but hey we all make mistakes and we learn from them. i learned my lesson and we all move on in life no one should have to go through the trouble we did. when youre loved by someone you would know.

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