Sat, Sep 6, 2008 at 9:44 AM By: shychild8

hey everyone, i was wonder what you all think about a female joining the wrestling team... this year, i been training to get on the wrestling team and when i went to go talk to the coach he said it was ok if i did, but he also said that i had to ask the vice principal to see if i could join. i been a manager for 3yrs now for the wrestling team, i know what i can do and not do.. but the vice principal told me he think about if i could wrestle and he doesn't like that much so i'm terrified that he will say no. what do guys think, should i be allowed on the wrestling team??????

  1. cheribabe avatar

    On Sep 07, cheribabe said:

    My brother used to wrestle and i remember going to the meets and it was pretty damn cool to see a girl kick some guys ass in the circle. I remember one year I was thinking about wrestling instead of doing indoor track and the coach told me i would have to pass a certain physical fitness test. I was totally down for it till my track coach talked me out of it haha! but moral of the story is theya re not allowed to just say no there has to be a reason and i dont think they could give you a true no answer unless they had a certain standard that you couldnt meet for whatever reason. If you want it bad enough fight for it is what I say!

  2. SheBuildsQuickMachines avatar

    On Sep 06, SheBuildsQuickMachines said:

    society would not like it.....do it! do it! and if the vice principal doesn't like it then....wrestle kids outside of school.....mehehe....

  3. b0ard3rl!n3rachel avatar

    On Sep 06, b0ard3rl!n3rachel said:

    arent they not allowed to say no if they dont have a team for just girls? there arent any girls on the team at my school but other teams our teams gone against has had girls. good luck!

  4. Sammy! avatar

    On Sep 06, Sammy! said:

    Yes, definately!! I love watching wrestling! I hate it when all these boys come along and tell girls they cant wrestle. Prove them wrong and go for it!!

  5. vern93 avatar

    On Sep 06, vern93 said:

    ya u should soo be on the wrestling team! if u want to u should be allowed. girls can probably wrestle just as good as boys XD

  6. prfan012 avatar

    On Sep 11, prfan012 said:

    i have always hated how ppl say girls cant do what guys can do i know you can do this and i know that your strong enough if you make it in i will be happy for you because girls can do what guys can do PROVE THEM WRONG HUN AND DO IT!!!!!!!

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