Pain in True Love (act 2)

Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 5:34 PM By: shychild8

Christina is now in Nicks home and the concert is now over she is lying on a couch and Nick is in the kitchen making a snack before going to bed. Christina wakes up holding her head.

Christina- what happen? where am i? my head hurts. Rob! Rob! (she cries out his name then Nick come in, he takes a bite out of a piece of pizza, then takes a sip of his coke)
Nick- your awake. who's Rob? also, your at my place, like the couch!? you past out at the concert i know never to give you any beer. (laughs a little then looks at her)
Christina- thanks for taking me home. Rob well he's, i mean was my boyfriend. nice couch. (giggles a little then looks at him) you have any ice? my head hurts.
Nick- yeah let me grab some ( goes and gets some ice then comes back) so that was the guy who looked at us tonight. then walked off. so you still love him?
Christina- yeah! i know him for a really long time. we just moved into a house. i think he was going to ask me to marry him. (looks at the ground about to cry) i remember before we went to the concert i saw a ring on the dresser and it had everything around it.
Nick- wow! so you want to say the night to night? you can stay in my room with me if you want or out here, doesn't matter. i mean like my bed is really big and feels so soft. i won't hurt you or do anything.
Christina- i'll stay here. it be the first time sleeping by myself.
Nick- night then. (he gives her a kiss, then heads to his room, Christina stays on the couch and thinks to her self, we go to Nick's room were he thinks to himself and wonders if he is falling for her)
Nick- i can't love her. can i? no, she loves another. what should i do? i think i know what i'll do. she'll love me instead of him i'll make her mine. (Nick goes to sleep after thing to himself)
( it's now 1 in the morning, Christina craws into bed with Nick)
Christina- can i stay with you? i don't like to be by myself,
Nick- yeah! i don't mine at all. (he holds her in his arms then, they kiss, then head off to bed) (end of scene 1)

Scene2 ( the two wake up. holding each other, Nick gets out of bed to make something to eat, Christina looks arond wondering what she is going to do, she heads to the kitchen, then looks at Nick her mine is racing, Nick walks over to her and gives her a kiss, she holds her lips and thinks of Rob)
Christina- morning. thanks for letting me stay the nigh
Nick no big deal. so i gust you want to go to Rob's to make everything up or grab your stuff.
Christina- yeah! (pause) i got a question are we going out or are we just really good friends we kiss like every 5 seconds?
Nick- i don't know you want to let Rob chose. if he says he'll take you back then we're really good friends, if he doesn't then we're going out.
Christina- ok, lets do that! (the 2 eat then head off to Rob's house the one we saw earlier in the play, Christina ups the door to see Rob just lying there, she goes right to him and holds him up and kisses him, Nick just stands in the door way looking at his pocket)
Christina- Rob! Rob! are you ok? im sorry (starts to cry)
Nick- she is. she was just really drunk. you should have never left her.
Rob- (gets up then punches Nick the to start to fight, Nick pulls out a gun the fight stops) don't hurt me. don't hurt her. please i'm sorry. do harm done?
Nick- shut up! you left, i came in the picture. so your out of here!
Christina- Nick put down the gun! put it down now! please don't hurt him! (cries even more)
Nick- come here Christina! now! (she goes to him, Nick points the gun then shoots Rob in the heart)
(end of act2)

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    On Apr 30, LaniC said:

    OMG! I didn't think it could end more dramatically than Act 1, but wow! Where do they go from here? xxLani

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