my way for once

Fri, May 9, 2008 at 1:42 PM By: shychild8

all my life nothing ever went my way, i fail at a lot and never had true happiness. for the first time ever things started going my way. today i found out i made it into adv. chorus and that my mom is going to bye a house for the first time. im as happy as to be. no one never believe in me and that made me wonder should i believe in me. the answer is yes. i realize that even if no one believes in you, you should believe in yourself. even when you fall you should get back up and never quit. life has a plan and it takes time for it to show up. even when the world is down don't mean you should be. i learn that today and even though im goth to some or emo don't mean i can't be happy. today was the most fun i ever had. i got into something i never gave up on, im going to have a new nice home not and apartment, i have my friends by my side, my dad taking me to Bristol, Tennessee, and i got all good grades for the first time since i was in the 3rd grade. so remember this keep believing in yourself when no one does.

  1. prfan012 avatar

    On May 13, prfan012 said:

    i believe in you and you should know that and i lov u

  2. LaniC avatar

    On May 09, LaniC said:

    Always believe in yourself! When you do you may actually find that other people have believed in you, too. It's hard to see that others believe in you if you don't believe in yourself. I'm happy for you, that things are looking up! xxLani

  3. Francesca avatar

    On May 09, Francesca said:

    amen. im really happy for you. congrats!!!!

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