pain in true love (act3)

Mon, May 12, 2008 at 3:04 PM By: shychild8

Nick- now that he's out of the picture, you will do as i say! (he holds the gun at her head) now get upstairs! we need to talk. (Christina runs upstairs, Nick looks at Rob's body lying there, tears comes to his eyes, he then runs upstairs)
Christina- what do you want? you killed the only one i loved. (tears are falling from her eyes, Nick and Christina sits down on the bed that was once for both Christina and Rob)
Nick- i want to just talk. i have no idea what toke over me.
Christina-what came over you was murder. you knew i love Rob and i was__ (is stopped by Nick)
Nick-you never listen, do u? murder isn't what i wanted. i love you. i wanted you to myself. i knew i couldn't because you and Rob are in true love. now i see the pain in true love. i was the pain in your love. (he tosses the gun across the floor, tears cover his eyes) i'm sorry! lord, what have i've done?
Christina-do you mean that? (tears in her eyes, she hugs Nick)
Nick-yes! maybe i was just a mistake.
Christina- maybe. i mean it's not all your fault. wait yes it is, but don't put yourself down over it.
Nick- you're really making me feel a lot better. (smart mouth like)
Christina- maybe one day after you get out of jail, your find someone.
Nick- jail? who said i'm going to jail? i'm going to run away with you. even if i went to jail i would never get out. they would sent me to be killed. even if i went to jail you'll still be my wife. (he kisses Christina, she goes blank)
Christina- wife. so we're going to get marry? do you not understnad what i've been saying to you?(she notices something in the corner of her eye, then she kisses Nick)
Nick-so i take that as a yes!? ok let's leave now!
Christina- no lets stay here for a little bit longer. (smiles)
Nick- why?
Christina- i want to get to know you a little better.
Nick- ok! i love you.
(out of no where, Rob holds the gun up to Nick's head in one hand, then holds the place he got shot.)
Rob-i don't think so. you try to kill me, then try to run off with my lover. doesn't work here.
Nick-go ahead shot me. i done more wrong than right in this world (Nick holds his hands in the air, then goes on his knees slowly, Christina runs over to Rob)
Christina-i don't love you! (Rob hands her the gun) bye bye Nick! (she shots him in the head 4 times, Rob takes the gun away from her)
Rob- nice shooting! i love you baby.
Christina-i love you too. you call the cops? oh! your hurt. lets sit you down.
Rob-yes i called them as soon as i woke up. they're on their way.

(scene goes black, the pain is over, the cops come and Nick is found dead, cops jsut stay that he killed himself. Rob is takin care of, the two lovers soon get married then live happily ever after end of the story)

  1. prfan012 avatar

    On May 31, prfan012 said:

    i love it!!!!!!!

  2. LaniC avatar

    On May 14, LaniC said:

    Ahh, so Rob wasn't dead after all... Still someone died. I'm sad Nick died, even though it was horrible what he did. Well done with your play! xxLani

  3. prfan012 avatar

    On May 13, prfan012 said:

    wow your good

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