once broken heart

Sat, May 31, 2008 at 5:22 PM By: shychild8

she sits alone, with no one to hold. tears fall from her eyes as she starts to cry. her heart broken into a million pieces. the one she loved left her. before he left he destroyed her heart. she thought that she would never love again and that she should end her life. she thought she should cut her wrist and stab what was left of her heart. the only one she had loved had told her that he never wanted her. and that he's been seeing someone behind her back. right before she put the knife to her her vain an angle sat beside her. the angle asked why are u doing this. there's no need to kill yourself. the angel shined a great light on her. she drooped the knife and looked into the angel's eyes. what's your name? she asked. the angle told her that her name was kayla. kayla toke her in and made her life like heaven. they talked for many hours and soon learned that they was falling in love for one another. the once broken heart was glued back together by kayla!!!!!!!!!!! kayla i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this goes 2 prfan012 u put this broken heart together!!!!!! and now it belongs 2 u!!!!!!!!!!!

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    On May 31, prfan012 said:

    I LOVE U BABY!!!!!!!^.^

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