cut me

Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 4:31 PM By: shychild8

cut me make me bleed, cut me make bleed tonight! i want my blood flow outside my body, i want to laugh til i die! i want to taste my own blood, make me bleed! all i want is to die!! this world is nothing, nothing to me. cut me make me bleed tonight, i want to die! my blood is running cold, i want some warmth. cut me make me bleed tonight! my dreams have faded away i just want to die! cut me!! make me bleed! hahaha.... make me bleed!! cut me!! make me bleed til i die!! cut me!!! if i can make you bleed, why can't you kill me?? cut me! make me bleed tonight! i just want to die!! this life i have is nothing to me! i'm never wanted in this life. no one loves me. my heart is as cold as the ice that fills my veins. ahhh!!! i just want to die!!!!!!!! kill me now! let this life be over!!!!!!!!!!!!! cut me into little bitty pieces. have my blood run into the sewers. let the dogs eat my remains. hehehehe!! cut me!!! make me bleed tonight!! i want to die!!! (hope you all love my newest lyrics to my newest song!!!)

  1. ~DENOSAURS~ avatar

    On May 15, ~DENOSAURS~ said:


  2. XxraesavagexX avatar

    On Nov 26, XxraesavagexX said:

    wow, so fucked up, but i so love it.

  3. prfan012 avatar

    On Nov 03, prfan012 said:

    whoa!!! thts like the coolest song on the face of this earth!!!! *cheers*

  4. Lovely_XxXxX avatar

    On Nov 01, Lovely_XxXxX said:

    Wow. *claps.*

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