love, hate everything thrown in my fuckn face

Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 5:32 PM By: shychild8

(here the newest lyrics to my new song love hate everything thrown in my fuckn face)
lately all i been feeling is a lot of feelings that i been trying 2 run from, love, hate every emotion that thrown my my fuckn face, i hate all them, i left you thinking i can do better, thinking my life would start fixing itself. but all i been is missing you, wondering what i have done. i run away from all this fear of having you hate me. i truly fucked up big time. because now i'm a lone, i'm going insane, i have few friends that will listen, and the one i'm with now doesn't understand. i keep run away, thinking that all this love, hate and everything wouldn't be thrown in fuckn face. my parents try sitting me down to tell me things i don't want to hear. they yell at me for the stupid i've done. i keep running away from all these emotions i feel, i love, i hate, i'm happy one moment, then the next i'm sad. i can't take it no more, i hate the world. the other day i was told i had to let go of one thing i care for the most to gain something in need so much more. i keep running away from all these feelings i neeed to confront them. love, hate everything thrown in my fuckn face. i wish i could just escape. this fate i have keeps dying away, i hate myself, i hate this world, i hate everyone, every boy and girl. the i love now is not for me. why can't i see, that life isn't for me. love, hate, everything is thrown in my fuckn face! i need to stop running away from these feelings, before they kill me.

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