memories of blackberry kisses (scenes 1-3)

Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 2:52 PM By: shychild8

shadow- young women in love with falcon
falcon- young man in love with shadow
young shadow- shadow's younger self
jeff- young shadow's/shadow's first and true love
dad- shadow's dad

setting: takes place in a log cabin in the woods, with a creek by it, blackberry patch, and wood pile. it's spring time. (log cabin is shadow's old home

shadow and falcon are enjoying their life as a happily married couple. shadow is picking juicy black berries, eating some and putting the rest in a basket. falcon stacks wood to store for the upcoming winter.

Shadow- wow, today is so beautiful. (she smells the blackberries)

Falcon- yeah it is. i can't believe i've been missing this my whole life. i mean we lived in the city, where all you smell are car mufflers, and only hear people yelling at each other. (he stacks the wood and walks over to shadow) am i right? (neels down and kisses her head)

Shadow- (smiling) yes dear. oh how i missed this place so much. 9gets up and spins around until she lands in falcon's arms) i love you. (they kiss)

Falcon- i love you too, babe. now let me stack some more wood. we have to be ready for next year.

Shadow- you're just like daddy. (giggles a little, then exits stage)

Falcon- yeah, just like him. (starts thinking out loud) that old man never liked me. always said i wasn't perfect like jeff. said my daughter will never marry you, she still loves jeff. jeff, jeff, jeff! said i'm no good, never speak to my daughter again. well who married her now? thank god he's dead now.

(shadow walks out on stage, and looks at falcon)
Shadow- come in babe, there's enought wood.
(falcon places the last piece on the pile then they both walk off stage)

Scene 2
(young shadow and jeff run around on stage, jeff is chasing her. they're laughing and smiling)

Young Shadow- come on, catch me. come on

Jeff- (he tackles her but in a friendly way, jeff ends up on top of yound shadow, they stare into eachothers eyes) umm... this is kinda weird. (pause) wow, you have beautiful eyes.

Young Shadow- so do you. (they stare at eachothers eyes then kiss.) (pause) umm... can you get off of me now?

Jeff- oh yeah, i forgot i was on top of you. (he gets off her slowly, then helps her up, then toughes her lips) i see you been eatting backberries again.

Young Shadow- (giggling) blackberry kisses (they smile, lights fade, end of scene)

Scene 3

(Shadow is laying in bed, she is dreaming sweetly of her past, falcon toss and turns as night mares haunt him. shadow wakes from her sweet dreams)

Shadow- (giggling) blackberry kisses. (pause, then realizes where she is) oh, it was just a dream. i miss him so much

Falcon- (still dreaming) leave me alone! i'll never be him! no, don't take her away please!

Shadow-( sitting up and looking at falcon) i wonder what he's dreaming of. oh well. i wonder what life be like with jeff. i remember daddy always liked him. everyone liked him, he was smart cute, sweet, anall around good man. (looks down, then goes back to bed, lights fade black, end of scene)

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