1. FRED. avatar

    On Sep 17, FRED. said:

    I've seen your pic! I love it :)

  2. Littel Dirty Girl avatar

    On Sep 15, Littel Dirty Girl said:

    thats good,

  3. Littel Dirty Girl avatar

    On Sep 13, Littel Dirty Girl said:

    nothing, just chilling and search for a job,

  4. FRED. avatar

    On Sep 13, FRED. said:

    that sounds amazing!!

  5. Littel Dirty Girl avatar
  6. FRED. avatar

    On Aug 29, FRED. said:

    Oh yeah?! What's your tatts? Do you have pictures?

  7. FRED. avatar

    On Aug 25, FRED. said:

    Hey! Nothing much, you?

  8. JacobyWannaBe avatar

    On Feb 12, JacobyWannaBe said:

    Glad you think so. :)

  9. JacobyWannaBe avatar

    On Jan 23, JacobyWannaBe said:

    Yeah.. I'd like to think we'd be the same if he was here today. :)

  10. JacobyWannaBe avatar

    On Jan 16, JacobyWannaBe said:

    Well, i got an Angel portrait on my upper arm and a cross and skulls with the name "Christian" honoring my brother that passed on. :)

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