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About Tony S.

I honestly hate these things. Never know exactly what to here is a quick list.
- I play bass guitar.
- I blame Tobin for that....not that it's a bad thing.
- First PR song I heard was Blood Brothers in THPS 2.
- Currently an administration of justice major though I'll be switching that to my minor soon and major in...umm...who knows what.
- I'm known to be sarcastic though I try to cut back on it when I'm online (like talking to someone on IM or through messages on here or facebook).
- I can have a slightly twisted sense of humor.
- Feel free to send me a message...I don't bite.
As far as music goes I like:
- Aerosmith
- Rise Against
- Foo Fighters (Fun Fact: my cousin when to high school with Dave.)
- Metallica
- Lacuna Coil
- The Living End
- White/Rob Zombie
- Breaking Benjamin
- Three Days Grace
- Van Halen
- Mötley Crüe
- Niki Barr Band

I have a thing for bands from other countries for some reason. That's just to name a few bands i like.

Ha, you thought I forgot (admit it you did). And of course Papa Roach.
If you have AIM or Windows Live Messenger just send me a message on here with your contact info for which everone (or both) and I'll get around to adding you.

For those who are wondering this is my set up as of right now:

-Schecter Guitar Research Omen Extreme-5 Bass (in black cherry)

-Peavey MAX 112 Bass Combo Amp

-DigiTech BP200 Bass Modeling Processor

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