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About Megan Nikki D.

I conquer the world every day :) I never back down from a fight, I love to tease others (in a joking matter), and I love to argue with others for fun lol ;) I love it when people try to break me cause they never can. I been lable as Emo, Goth, Waste Basket, Punk, Sweetheart, Scene Girl, Odd One, and Freak.... ect. ALL of my clothes are from Hot Topic. I love Tats and piercing. I dye my hair all time. I'm Italian American. Im a Gemini. I love talking and meeting new people, I can talk about anything and people if they have problems and need advice I can give it to them or I can take advice from people, too, lol. I dont judge anyone. Music is my life and soul. Its like, I can't breath without it. I'm a concert junkie, and My concert buddie is my Mom she's awsome. I use to be a cutter, but I haven't done it in a few months ( still temped somethings, but can control it.) I can tie a knot in a cherry steam and I love to be in a mosh pit. I love to write. I can write just about anything. I love watching movies, my favorite is horror and comedy. And being weird, an emo, a freak, goth, wild, a loser, and/or crazy, is cool and bode. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I graduated cosmetology school.

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