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About Megan Nikki D

I conquer the world every day :) I never back down from a fight, I love to tease others (in a joking matter), and I love to argue with others for fun lol ;) I love it when people try to break me cause they never can. I been lable as Emo, Goth, Waste Basket, Punk, Sweetheart, Scene Girl, Odd One, and Freak.... ect. ALL of my clothes are from Hot Topic. I love Tats and piercing. I dye my hair all time. I'm Italian American. Im a Gemini. Music is my life and soul. Its like, I can't breath without it. I'm a concert junkie. I use to be a cutter, but I haven't done it in 2 years ( but can control it.) I can tie a knot in a cherry steam and I love to be in a mosh pit. I love to write. I can write just about anything. I love watching movies, my favorite is horror and comedy. And being weird, an emo, a freak, goth, wild, a loser, and/or crazy.

Im deleting my PR account early next year. I dont use it anymore, so there is no reason to keep it up. So if anyone wants to keep in touch with me or whatever, just follow me on my facebook, instagram and twitter. Links are in my bio.

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