Bored.....what to do?

Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 7:48 AM By: PapaRoachfan4life

Hey everyone! yeah, I'm as bored as hell, and don't have the slightest clue on what to do to pass the time, so i figured I'd make a blog! xD School would normally give me something to do, but its over, and i finished all my exams (yes! its finally summer!!!), and to sum up everything I've managed to accomplish today, i listened to some music...yeah, its sad, but that's all i managed to do today......
So, yeah, that's all I can think of writing for now... Bye!

  1. PapaRoachfan4life avatar

    On Jul 07, PapaRoachfan4life said:

    thats actually a not bad idea..I should probably try getting that game some time... I love playing Hollywood Whore and Getting Away With Murder on the guitar ^_^ they're two of my favorite Papa Roach songs to play :D

  2. Hannah MtF avatar

    On Jul 05, Hannah MtF said:

    if you cant play guitar get rockband to pass the time is has lifeline lastresort and timeisrunningout pick it up

  3. PapaRoachfan4life avatar

    On Jun 24, PapaRoachfan4life said:

    lol, yeah we probably are xD

  4. Luum avatar

    On Jun 24, Luum said:

    I feel the same,, also finised my exams and happy it's summer... But hell,, wat to do?
    I think we're just sad little kids who want to much =P

  5. PapaRoachfan4life avatar

    On Jun 13, PapaRoachfan4life said:

    yeah, I know! everyone wishes school would end, but when it ends everyone's bored to death! lol

  6. Suicidal Angel avatar

    On Jun 12, Suicidal Angel said:

    i know exactly how you feel i have basicially finished just 2 left know but when i have no exams it like wtf should i do

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