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well i dont like to work but ill do anything for money!! cause i like to buy music and sound equipment. i watch telivision alot and listen to music constantly! my fav bands/artists are Papa Roach, HollyWood Undead, Gym Class Heros, Linkin Park, Panic At the Disco, Boys Like Girls, FallOut Boy, My Chemical Romance, Lil Wayne, da snypaz(my bros rap group), and Young Jeezy, and random music... oh yeah and Coheed and Cambria im listening to them while changing this. well sometimes i listen to my brother do a pick-up rap! hes a good rap artist
Hobbies: Writing shit no1 will read, sleeping, listening to music,and kicking ass at video games
Fave Color/s: Red, Black, Purple
Bad Fact: i eat when i am sad
RANDOM Qoute made by MEI: i hate this life it can burn away for all i care.
Good Fact: I love every good thing and fact about my friends and im looking for new friends always

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