1. markk avatar

    On Jun 20, markk said:

    ok i'll try :-)
    thank you very much :-)

  2. StrongerThanLife avatar

    On Jun 20, StrongerThanLife said:

    follow me on twitter @mskrzypchak

  3. markk avatar

    On Jun 13, markk said:

    nice tatto :-)
    can u tell me how to post 5 picture's +/-?
    i just dont know xDDD

  4. rren avatar

    On May 17, rren said:

    It's great for you. My holidays start only since June 24th.

  5. rren avatar

    On May 17, rren said:

    Thank you. Now I'm very busy with some projects. I hope I will finish it soon.
    So, you passed your exams, so you have holidays now?

  6. rren avatar

    On May 17, rren said:

    Congratulations! :}
    I will have exams' session next month.

  7. rren avatar

    On May 17, rren said:

    Hey!! :}
    We haven't been chating for long time.
    Thanks, I'm fine. My life is good. Just these days my mood is so depressed. Melancholy, you know.
    How are you? What are you busy with?

  8. Plazar avatar

    On Mar 04, Plazar said:

    good tatoo ;)

  9. rren avatar

    On Nov 24, rren said:

    I'm fine, thanks.

    How your studies? :}

  10. rren avatar

    On Nov 06, rren said:

    Hello, my friend! ;}

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