Here I Come, North Dakota!!

Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 1:12 PM By: angelic_roach

As of today, it has been since October 26, 2009 that I have gotten to go to a Papa Roach show. Almost half a year. That's not a REALLY long time, but I would check the tour page like 20 times a day, and there would either be no new dates added at all, or they were way far away. It was a matter of finding somewhere close enough to make it there, and having the time to save the money..

Well thank god for North Dakota

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    On Apr 22, angelic_roach said:

    Haha, yeah I've been through there a couple times, my grandpa used to drag us off to Mt. Rushmore & Crazy Horse every other year, haha.

    Papa Roach definitely beats a mountain of dead guys ;D

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    On Apr 05, ROCK_GOD_4_LIFE666 said:


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    On Apr 03, Dacotah said:

    well thank god for someone actually SAYING "Thank god for ND" :P lol we're a small state and dont hear that too often ;P

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