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About ParKan

So now if you ask me about this kind of name ill answer very esialy! There was this Russian pc game called ParKan about a cool spaceship! So Im a spaceship :D

So maybe Ill start from telling you that Im not a Gigantic PR's fan ^_^! All I like in here is awesome forums with cool topics witch is realy interesting!

Interests: Friends, Girls, Music, Plaing(On pc ofcourse), Running, TV, Diving, Driving a Car, Surfing the internet and thats all i think :)

Favorite Music: Metallica, Mindless self indulgence(msi), Papa Roach, AngerFist, Dj Satomi :D!

Music I HATE!!!!: Linkin Park, Tokio Hotel... and maybe thats it ;)

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Ofcourse Im acting like an idiot xD! Got bored guys :)! Also thats not my TRUE voice! Made it up a bit just for fun!...

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