Still hate having to think of a title.

Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 1:05 AM By: ashlee_shaddix

Randomly got on here, played on the ^>V game and creeped my own prof. I used to blog A LOT. I couldn't believe I had 10 pages of blogs.. I don't remember posting that much? xP But yeah, this site it pretty much lame now and it sucks :( hope all you roaches are doing awesome though! I graduated in December, pretty exciting. AND OMG 18 DAYS TIL ROTR! :D love my definite rangers, this year is definitely the worst band wise... but WHO GIVES A SHIT! Its the fact of it being an awesome festival and getting to hang with everyone! The first year was awesome, but each year less and less people go :( the "true" rangers are me, Amy, Vix, Tristan, Laura, Emily, Rachel & David. yOyO would be included in that but she moved to San Francisco (soooo sad.. shows won't be the same without her!) and most likely won't have the funds to go :( but we're gonna have a fucking blast for all the people that can't go! So yeah... I'm done. Good talk XD

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    On Nov 20, Tristan Linn said:

    Yeah your a "true" ranger! Yeah right!

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