Sun, May 31, 2009 at 5:44 PM By: ashlee_shaddix


so i got bored and made one of these,
take it if your bored, and tell me your results in a cmnt on this blog!
hopefully everyone gets the 'your a true roach' since your on this website!
hahah. and it's finally summmer! friday was technically my last day but i have to go back for an hour and a half on tuesday for geometry final exams.
no studying needed though, bcuz i'm failing that class and have to retake it next year anyway and exams wouldnt even help if i got an A.
which i couldnt anyway! lol, well hopefully everyones having a good summer so far [if its already summer for you] :)

  1. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Jun 04, Hybrid911 said:

    Are you a TRUE Papa Roach fan?
    You really are a true Roach!

    same as Bustas :) the good looking one through me a bit so i put looks dont matter :P

  2. ashlee_shaddix avatar

    On May 31, ashlee_shaddix said:

    welll i have like a 30%, and if you dont go for the final you automatically get a 1% for the class. and that would look reallllllly bad. not like the 30% looks good, but it looks better :P

  3. Busta avatar

    On May 31, Busta said:

    and if I was failing a class and already knew I had to do it over..I wouldn't even go for the final..

  4. Busta avatar

    On May 31, Busta said:

    my result is: You really are a true Roach!
    You know Papa Roach like the back of your hand! You are a true fan, not some poser! ROCK ON!


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