Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 8:27 PM By: ashlee_shaddix

Sooo.. I see that pictures are finally working again. I will update the ones on my profile likeee.. this weekend probably. I realize I have stuff wrote there talking about the picture and there is no picture :P
In other news, school started. And you guessed it, it sucks. I hate having to get up/go to bed at a certain time. Esp cuz its so early. I'm fucking nocturnal, can't they realize this? I didn't fall asleep til 3am Sunday night [good thing I get up as late as possible, 7am] and yeah, that sucked dick.
I also finallllllly got a new computer! A Mac! :D FUCK DELL! God, soooo shitty. It was pissing me off. Kept shutting off for the longest time, and finally it would honestly stay on for like not even five minutes. So I put it in the basement cuz I didn't even wanna look at it and used the desktop computer XD Haha.. but yeah my dad finally bought me a Mac. Its sooo amazing!
Hmm.. what else. I'm seeing Papa Roach in 16 days. September 11th in Noblesville with some of my favorite roach girls [..and Tristan hahah]! :) I might see them September 23rd in Chicago, or October 19th in St Louis.. buuut I'm not sure. Gotta talk my dad into it. Tickets are cheap and both Chi and Stl are like 2.5 hours.. but both of those shows are during the week :x Lame. But I think I can manage talking him into it. After all, I did talk him into ROTR XD
Oooh.. I saw A7X in Springfield, IL on August 13th!! It wasn't technically an Uproar date, but it was all of the Uproar bands minus Disturbed. SUCH an amazing show. Def cried though, but thats expected. Met Halestorm, Sick Puppies, My Darkest Days, Dan the Body and Matt Berry :D I stayed after until THREE AM in the POURING RAIN and the guys still hadn't come out yet.. so my dad was mad and we left. But I gave the girl I was standing with my # and told her to text me what ended up happening. She texted me at like almost 5am and said only Mike and Johnny came out.. so that made me a little bit happier. Still would have loved to meet them, but most of the band didn't even come out so whatever. At least I got to see them, Kelli wasn't able to make her Columbus date so she won't be able to see them :x.
Uhhh... thats all I can come up with. I'm surprised I said that much really, just was gonna say how Id update pictures but I realized I never get on here anymore and some of you might not have known of my recent and upcoming events.
Wellll thats all. I should get to bed, Its 1030 and I have school tomorrow. I hate school. Is it summer yet?
Haha, later fuckers.

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