Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 2:11 PM By: ashlee_shaddix

Ahhhh. I'm SOOO fucking happy right now!!!! Papa Roach is in Indy on October 30th, thats a Friday, and we don't even have school on that Friday. And Indy is only 3 and a half hours away. Prettty positive I can talk my dad into that one< 3 PLUS they're in Dubuque, Iowa on October 28th and Dubuque is only 3 hours away. Its on a Wednesday tho, so Id have to leave after lunch, but whatever. My fifth hour is gym and sixth is English. No big deal. And tickets are only THIRTY DOLLARS. Even if I like, got shot in the leg right now, it sooo wouldn't be able to take my amazingly happy mood away! :D ANNNNND they haven't announced all the dates yet. And they can't skip Chicago and St Louis. You always go there. Sooo those are each 2-2 and a half hours away, and my dad ALWAYS takes me to those. So if it all works out, Ashlee will see PAPA FUCKIN ROACH FOOOUR TIMES ON HEADLINING!?!?!?< ?3 Oh fuck yes :-*

/happy rant. (:

---------edit: OOOH SHIT! Lol, don't ban me Eddie or Matt! I didn't mean to post 4 different blogs of this and then erase them. I forgot the < 3 things have to have a space, and I totally forgot you could edit blogs, so I erased them :P DIDNT MEAN TO!!!

  1. vern93 avatar

    On Sep 29, vern93 said:

    thats awesome!!!!! i hope they post more dates. right now theres only one date in florida and its far away from where i live

  2. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Sep 29, Hybrid911 said:

    awesome :D x

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