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Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 10:32 PM By: ashlee_shaddix

Totally forgot to ask! If you've listened to the new Three Days Grace album 'Life Starts Now', what are your thoughts on it? I personally LOVE it. 3DG is an awesome band, but I'm pretty sure I've never loved every song on one of their albums before. But I love EVERY song on this album! If you can pick favorites (I can't :P), what are a few of your favorite songs off the album? And just your general thoughts about it :) Oooh and I also love the new Breaking Benjamin album 'Dear Agony'. Which REALLY surprised me, because of course I like them, but just a few songs. Never got into the others really. But once again, went through their whole album and liked every song too. So if you're bored, gimme your review on that album too!

Viva la cucaracha! :]

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    On Oct 03, vern93 said:

    i love the new 3dg album. hope that they do a US tour and come to florida. but i cant pick a fav but the ones i have been listening to alot are break, life starts now, no more, goin down, and lost in you

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