Papa Roach concert 10/30/09

Sat, Oct 31, 2009 at 11:52 PM By: ashlee_shaddix

It was amazing! My first time seeing them headline! I wish they would have played Alive though, that would be awesome live! So we got to the venue at like 645 (doors opened at 7) and the line was way long. And of course, it was raining. Talked to the people in front of us for a bit and they were cool. The girl had a picture of Jacoby tattooed on her! (this picture- And it looked amazing! So once we got in the venue I went to get merch. I always go right when I get there because one time I waited til after, and they only had big sizes! >.< I got the Papa Roach grey jacket. And woooo! I FINALLY got to meet Ray! The last show I went to he wasn't doing merch for some reason :( So we get into the room and Rachel had been in line all day to get mid-barricade. So me, my dad & Katie pushed our way to the front and got right behind Rachel! It was so goddamn hot up there, and after each band.. people would gradually push closer and closer so you couldn't even move. (I've never had GA pit before. My dad 'doesnt like buying things so far in advance' so we always get seats. But this place was just all GA. I was fine up until Jet came on. Thats when I could start smelling the pot. And it makes me stomach hurt sooo bad. I don't get how and WHY people do that shit. Just smelling it makes me almost puke. But yeah, my stomach hurt from that and it was sooo hot that I almost fainted! It was a good thing I was by Rachel and Katie, cuz they grabbed me. (my dad was like a few people behind me) But yeah, I couldn't stand it any longer so my dad took me out of there and got some water, and then I went outside with him so he could smoke. We went back inside and Ray wasn't busy so I asked if I could get a picture with him. He was like "No!" I was like "Pleeeease" and hes like "No! I haven't shaved in four days!" But I got a picture with him :D Haha. I was so happy. (pic with Rayray- So we went back into the room and I was like ah I'm fine now, I'll go up there for like half of PR and come back out if I need to. So we pushed back through again and found Rachel. But omggg they took foreverrr to set up and for PR to come out. So by that time, I couldn't take it anymore. I was getting light headed again so I had to go back out before they came on :( I don't get how people do that. It was wayyy too hot. But whatever, standing anywhere in that room is still the closest I've been to them so it didn't matter. The show was absolutely amazing! And lol they had the greatest costumes ever! x] Rachel had told me what they were gonna be anyway cuz she had seen them the night before in Flint, MI and asked Coby. They were mexican gangsters :p ( Funniest shit ever! And omg Jerry's braids were the BEST. That was like my favorite part of the whole night :D Hahah. So after Katie wanted to get a picture with Kill Hannah (she fell in love with them, I didn't really like them at all) so I got in the picture. ( I don't even know the dudes name we got a picture with. Hah. Then I got a picture with Aranda (if you want to see the picture, check my Flickr or Myspace tomorrow. I got it with Rachels camera and she hasnt uploaded the pics yet) They were really good! I didn't think I had heard of them, but they said they were gonna play theyre single, and Id heard it on MC before! Rachels parents were talking to Ray and Greg and Greg asked for their number so he could call them up to maybe get them into soundcheck for Chicago whenever they come! (I'll get to go with her obv cuz she loves me :D Haha) So the security people came in and told us we had to leave so we went back to the car real quick and then met up with Lacey, Yoyo and Kelli at the buses. We ended up staying out there until like a little after 2am. Tobin was the first to come out and everyone got pics with him and stuff. ( Waited more annnd more. Then my dad calls me (he was waiting in the truck and was a bit further over from us and could see the venue doors, we could see the buses) and was like "Come over here! Someones over here about to get in a car, I think its Jerry!" So I yanked at Katie and Rachel and yelled to Yoyo, Lacey and Kelli and we all went down there. Got pictures and stuff with Jerry and I told him how much we all loved his braids x] ( So after that Kelli and Lacey decided theyd stake out the door and me, Katie, Rachel and Yoyo would stake out the buses. Someone heard that they were downstairs at the venue partying, so we just waited more. Then we saw Katie come out so I told Rachel to go and talk to her since she had just talked to her the night before in Flint and Katie snuck her in bc the concert was 18+ but it never specified that anywhere :p So we went up and asked Katie if the rest of the guys were gonna come out at all and she was like "Oh yeah, they should be out in a few minutes" so we talked to her for a bit more and then she left and we waited more. Then Jacoby finally came out! We all talked to him for awhile and got pics and such. ( Then someone had him sign their stomach, and same with Yoyo. So I was like what the hell why not! And I had him sign mine too :D ( annnd Haha it was awesome! Then Rachel had him sign her boob :P ( And I guess once she went back to the truck her mom got mad at her saying it made her look slutty to him? I was like wtf, its not. Everyyyone does that. And plus its not like she had her tit out of anything :p It was the part of your boob that always shows? Lol whatever. And then Tony finally came out!! So we all got pics with him too ( So once all the guys left I told all the rioters bye and we headed home. All in all, it was a GREAT show! Even though I couldn't be up front for PR, but oh well! I think thats all? Pretty sure I didn't miss anything. So bye! :p

  1. paparoachgirl avatar

    On Dec 05, paparoachgirl said:

    dudeee i just totally read this. hahaha i love it. that was one fucking amazing night. and of course if you didn't have to be in school, you could do VIP with me in rockford. that would be awesome but no your school sucks balls :P

  2. katie musser avatar

    On Nov 04, katie musser said:

    i so wish you would have been up there. you coulda pushed those guys around with me (:

  3. Sue614 avatar

    On Nov 02, Sue614 said:

    glad you had a great time! you're pics are way cool!

  4. PapaRoachGirl94 avatar

    On Nov 01, PapaRoachGirl94 said:

    Aw, I'm so glad you had such a great time!! The pictures are fantastic!!! :D

  5. abbytog avatar

    On Nov 01, abbytog said:

    dude i was there best show ever

  6. *L@cE[y]* avatar

    On Nov 01, *L@cE[y]* said:

    omg that show was a blast!!!!! i love your picture with ray x]

    i'm glad i got to meet you!.......we'll deffo have to meet up again at another concert hopefully!


  7. vern93 avatar

    On Nov 01, vern93 said:

    glad u had fun. ur soo lucky u got to meet them all : ) and their halloween costumes are hilarious!!!! hahaahah

  8. Monte's Attic avatar

    On Nov 01, Monte's Attic said:

    Well that was an awsome story sounds like you had a great time. could not open your pics

  9. LilRoach Moe avatar

    On Nov 01, LilRoach Moe said:

    wow thats really ausome!! Ive seen they guys in concert 3 times, never headlining and never had the chance to meet them. =[ I never know where to go afterwords to find them lol

  10. themudsharkinterview avatar

    On Nov 01, themudsharkinterview said:

    Nice pics, sounded fun. The main thing is that you had plenty of enjoyment; by the sounds of it, you certainly did!

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