Not even sure if anyone reads blogs anymore...

Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 7:18 PM By: ashlee_shaddix

I know I rarely do :P Lol. Just an update blog really, haven't blogged in awhile. Wellll, I'm seeing Papa Roach in 6 days! [closer to five actually, cuz its almost Thursday :P] SO EXCITED! Especially since they're with Shinedown and Halestorm! LOOOOVE them! Three of my favorite bands! :D Once again, my fuckin' luck! They have VIP for this show, but its a 2.5 hour drive, and I can't leave school early because its mandatory attendance day [DUMB, day before break and we do nothing but you HAVE to be there] so I'm not leaving until right after school. Which means I would def not be there in time for VIP :( And I even had the money, MY OWN MONEY! It was all my bday money, but since I couldn't be there in time, I bought all my favorite roaches Christmas presents! So since I won't be doing VIP, I'll hopefully wait by the buses again. It'll be hard to talk my dad into it, cuz we have to drive home after that, and its a Tuesday night, so he has work the next day. But I always get my way ;) Haha. I know a few people going to the show.. but is there anyone else on here going to the Rockford show?! If you are and you see me, come say hi! :D
Uhhhh, what else. OH! I'm hopefully seeing Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, and Skillet in Peoria on February 13th! If I do itll be my third time seeing Shinedown, yay :D And also [hopefully] Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin on Jan 15th [also in Peoria].
Any Mudvayne fans? Even if you aren't, you should listen to their new single 'Scream With Me'... I love it :D [yay mudvayne! hometown band!] Haha.
And with that being said, I think thats all I have to say! I'll def post a blog about how the show goes.. so be looking out for that on Wednesday [the 16th] Aight, bye! VIVA LA CUCARACHA YOU CRAZY ROACHES!

  1. katie musser avatar

    On Dec 18, katie musser said:

    mudvayne, hellll yeah. when they come to town, we're going and we're meeting them. cause my dad's best friend harold is either chad or gregs uncle! :D so, we'll have to party with them fer sure (; and you are going to breaking benjamin! i'll sneak you in! i'm goinggg (: floor, right up front center, bitches! ;p

  2. dianam avatar

    On Dec 10, dianam said:

    I read blogs too. I think you are so lucky to be going to one of their last shows this year. Hope you have a good time at the show.

  3. ashlee_shaddix avatar

    On Dec 09, ashlee_shaddix said:

    @Mannie, haha nah doesn't make you dorky! I just never read em cuz most of the blogs anymore are dumb :( But yeah, the forum is getting annnoying with the Britney stuff! Itll all be over soon though, hopefully. Mandatory attendance is something they do to piss people off. If you miss it you have to take finals no matter what, which makes for 2 extra days of school while the rest of people are on break. You arent required to take finals as long as you only miss 3 days or less. Once you miss the 4th day, or man. atten. you have to take them. And theyre sooooo hard! Even for the genius kids! :P

  4. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Dec 09, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    have a good time at the show... and yes i still read blogs! i think that makes me kinda dorky !but the forums tend to be all about britney :(

    sucks you cant do the VIP but that cool you bought gifts instead

    have an awesome time.. and what is mandatory attendance day what if you couldnt go what would happen?

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