1. 7dustJamie avatar

    On Aug 31, 7dustJamie said:

    Hey Ashlee it was great meeting you last night, your a cool chick. I hope to see you again at uproar.

  2. katie musser avatar

    On Nov 25, katie musser said:

    skank! :)

  3. PapaRoachGirl94 avatar

    On Jan 17, PapaRoachGirl94 said:

    Hey Ashlee! How have you been? :D

  4. camaro avatar

    On Nov 11, camaro said:

    Happy Birthday ~ may all your wishes and dreams come true!!

  5. shai7xroach avatar

    On Nov 11, shai7xroach said:

    happy birthday ashlee!!!

  6. katie musser avatar

    On Nov 11, katie musser said:


  7. stephanie shaddix avatar

    On Nov 03, stephanie shaddix said:

    as a matter of fact.....EVERYONE LOVES ME!!!!!!!!
    hahah i wish xD

    my mom was telling me yesterday that she's having "roach withdraws" and i said "yeah mom join the club" hahahaha.

    ahh dude i loveee sleeeppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ehh i'm doing alright i suppose!!
    but i wanna see proach soon

  8. stephanie shaddix avatar

    On Nov 01, stephanie shaddix said:

    everyone on the riot HATES you(:

    ok, maybe it's just me hahaha
    how've you been?

  9. SaveAHoPalermo avatar

    On Oct 31, SaveAHoPalermo said:

    :P i hate you so much!

  10. Busta avatar

    On Oct 31, Busta said:

    hey how'd your pic with Ray turn out? hahaha

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