Im in the best mood eva

Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 9:39 PM By: Mia *LOVE* M

I have been feeling real good lately. i just had the best kinda dream about jacoby. no explanation needed. im having trouble making friends on this web site. maybe im just not the friend type. but i guess thats how it has to be. i stiil love jacoby and papa roach no matter what. :-D

  1. Josh tigger avatar

    On Jul 02, Josh tigger said:

    well already your friend so please continue the illusion of sincerity. Ill be your friend!

  2. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Jun 20, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    aww ill be your friend too!!

  3. djt avatar

    On Jun 20, djt said:

    I'll be your friend. =D

  4. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Jun 20, Hybrid911 said:

    awww i'll be your friend x

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