Ever meet Papa Roach?

Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 6:19 PM By: Azurahh

Tell me how your experience was?
I personally have never met the band, but I would probably kill to if given the chance >not literally "kill"

  1. tator avatar

    On Jun 21, tator said:

    they are very laid back and friendly! cool guys that are down to earth. If you meet tony, tell him tator the railroader from the wichita meet and greet says hello.

  2. Amanda_here avatar

    On May 23, Amanda_here said:

    The VIP is so worth it girl. I would have killed to meet them too. They are awesome. They're not ass holes in any way shape or form like some other bands.

  3. Monte's Attic avatar

    On May 13, Monte's Attic said:

    Did my meet and greet this month was pretty awsome. They were just hanging around the club very friendly to there fans

  4. Johnny Guitar Creeps avatar

    On Mar 11, Johnny Guitar Creeps said:

    hey...I´ve seen them in dortmund last year in october............... was not far away from stagexD the other experiences are listening tothemathome / in the car etc. or see them on youtube xD \m/
    rock on

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