Guy's Bitching

Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 1:46 PM By: cisforcookie6

I don't get this at all. I get if your having a bad day or if something bad has happened and your not in a great mood. But from what I know aren't girls supposed to be the sex that does the bitching? Hell from whatI know I hear guys bitch all the time that girls are bithcing too much. But that wasn't the case last night. I've got a freind and he is a mess. Apperently he wasn't able to get off last night. Well during the day. He called me and was in a horrible mood. I figured it was because his brother showed up because they don't get along. And he was there. His brother spend the whole day there. It was that and then he had to run around and do some stuff. So he didn't have the time to get off yesturday. Ok no big deal. But boy he didn't look at it like that. He was cursing like a sailor and woudln't stop. So I got him to stop screaming and told him to go to bed. But good greef that was ridicolus. I got to deal with that and another guy. First off he sounds like agirl when he is laying in bed which is wrong but not the point of all of this. He had a hissy fit last night also. Guy doesn't wanna go to work. That and he kept calling me last night. So I finally called him back and the guy was sleeping. He answered for some odd reason but when we started talking I could tell he was alsleep so I had to force him to go to bed. But the takes a lot of work also. What happend to guys that were able to take things? I get if you have a bad day but really do you need to have a hissy fit?

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    On Oct 10, Prozac said:

    It's hypocrisy, and that's all I have to say about it..†

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    On Oct 10, rocking roach said:

    not al boys are like that, wont say that my tattoo didnt hurt it hurt like hell, but you wont hear me scream of swear when i have a bad day i rely on my friends and on everybody on this site to pull me trough.
    wont say im a reall guy i have also my moments. but isnt it the we are al just human. i know girls that are more men then men that i know but we al have bad dayss and we all stay human dont forget that.

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    On Oct 10, (:emolicious:) said:

    lol i swear wth happened to guys who were actually guys? haha i mean this one guy passed out when i told him about me watching a 4 inch needle getting shoverd into my arm...really? shouldnt we girls be the ones who scream like children and swoon?....apparently not

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