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About momo a.k.a Morgan

Dear Readers,
My name is Morgan. I am currently 17yrs old and loving it. I enjoy the sounds of rock music. My favorite bands are Papa Roach, A7x, BFMV,and Escape the Fate. I Recently got the amazing chance to meet papa roach and go to thier concert I met three new friends there and as I was leaving from meeting Papa Roach, Tobin Said "bye Morgan". I nearly tripped down the stairs giggling. He remembered my name :). I wanna be a wildlife Biologist. I have been to 3 major concerts; Green day/ AfI 9/4/10 and Papa Roach/Pop Evil/ Finger Eleven 5/5/11, Uproar tour 10/13/11. Uproar was amazing! I I love my life :)

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